Our world essentially revolves around colors. Political parties, traffic lights, paintings, and decorations all have certain colors and color schemes used for various purposes. Our mind identifies certain colors with traits to invoke various emotions. The psychology of color applies to imaging and branding, which we use to help our clients. Here are some things to consider when choosing the colors of your brand:


Personality & Color


What do you intend for your brand to emote? Colors in the red spectrum tend to show either excitement and strong emotions. Blue tends to strike people as more toward intelligent, sophisticated, and trustworthy. Yellow or orange tend to be positive and friendly. Green is typically associate with nature, growth, or money.


Contrast and Accents


Things tend to get a bit tricky in this realm. At some point you may want to chose a secondary color to go along with your image and  signs. It’s been known that signs and images with contrasting colors are more apt to catch the eye while accent and complementary colors look more sleek and organized. Refer to the standard color wheel to find your brand’s colors!


Market Stereotypes


Many businesses in a similar market have used colors that have become staples to their product. For instance, many image solutions and signage companies use a lot of red with complementary colors for their image. As of late, it’s been shown that companies who go against these market stereotypes and adhere to their personality are more likely to stand out.


Choosing colors for your brand may seem difficult at first, but an attention to detail and knowledge of some of the psychology behind this process can make it a breeze. Here at AIS, we put much consideration into the colors we use for images, logo creation, signs, and other various image needs. Our goal is to find solutions for companies and to maximize their brand power, and we are careful to consider every aspect of the image need at hand.