Before working in the sign industry, I worked as an electrician’s assistant. One day, while traveling to our next job site, another electric company’s cargo van drove by us on the highway. Their slogan read, “Cheap Electric.” My boss and I both saw it and glared at each other. I said, “I wouldn’t want cheap electric work done in my house or business.” My boss agreed.

The word “cheap” portrays a lack of quality. There is just something about the word “cheap” that makes me distrust the product or service it describes. On the other hand, when I hear the word “fair” I have a different reaction. This word describes equal value for money invested and lends itself to relationships rooted in trust, where each party involved in a transaction are considered when determining a fair cost for a product.

It’s amazing to realize that Abbott Image Solutions (AIS) has been serving the signage needs of our region and beyond since 2001. That’s almost two decades! Throughout these years we have continually improved upon the quality of our products, services, and customer satisfaction. Recently, we have reflected on the reason AIS began in the first place. At the heart of AIS is the passion to help people by helping them grow their businesses, nonprofits, schools, churches, etc. We cannot think of a stronger motivation to continue to do what we do than a passion to serve people.

To serve businesses and organizations well, it is crucial for us to produce quality products and services at a fair cost. While cheap products and services may provide immediate financial advantages, they do not usually contribute to the strong foundation and long term benefits most businesses we partner with desire.

We believe the signage quality of a business directly reflects the quality of the business. Poor quality signage tells potential customers that it’s likely the business is low quality, as well. Even if this is not the truth in every case, perception is reality for the consumer and opportunities are often lost or gained based on first impressions.

In many cases, we are the least expensive option, while other times we are not. That’s okay with us because every sign product we produce is at an equal level of quality to the invested value it brings to our customers, and ultimately our customer’s customer. That’s what we have done since 2001, and that’s what we will always continue to do as this promise is wrapped up in our passion and mission to serve our customers fairly.

If you want to update or upgrade your exterior or interior signage, contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. We promise to treat you fairly.

And that’s not a cheap promise.

Jade E. Kendall

Sales Consultant