In our last blog we compared the team here at AIS to a watch, having many moving parts working together in order to perform a singular action. We also discussed the part of the team that serves as the “battery” to the watch – the Sales Consultants. Without sales the rest of the team would have nothing to work from, but what happens after the Sales Consultants do their job?

This part of the series will cover the people apart of a very crucial department here at AIS.  Our extremely dedicated Project Managers are here to hold the very fabric of a project together, and ensure its timely completion from beginning to end. They work closely with the clients, local governments, general contractors, and other fellow vendors, as well as, with the AIS team, including: estimators, designers, production staff, installers, and accounting. The benefit that comes with the personal project management that we offer is great as it is ensures that the large undertaking and sometimes lengthy process of new signage is made as efficient and effortless as possible for our clients.

Meet Mackenzie Cinnamon, one of our main Project Managers here at AIS. She has been working diligently with the team for three years, spearheading the Project Management department. Her job consists of, among other things: communicating with the client’s local government about their regulations, obtaining permits for signs and construction, getting approval from landlords, answering all questions for the client, and all scheduling related to the project. There’s an immense amount of “dirty work” that goes into installing signs, and Mackenzie is able to handle it all with ease for our clients. “I keep the client happy,” says Mackenzie, “and put their needs first regardless of any setback or detail that might come up.” A lot is involved, but it’s easy to do when you enjoy your job; and it’s evident Mackenzie does, saying, ” I appreciate working for a family oriented company where putting my family first is just as important as doing my job to the best of my ability.”

Another one of our teammates, Brittany Bland, also works in the Project Management department. She’s been working with Abbott Image Solutions for four years and isn’t limited to just project management. She’s also our lead estimator for all client projects, working closely with our production team to determine exactly what goes into the build details, and working hand in hand with our sales consultants to ensure that we stay within the client’s budget and cover everything in their proposal that their job requires. When describing her role at AIS she said, “You know how baseball has utility players that play multiple positions? I feel like I’ve been a utility player for the company.” And she’s right. Brittany is always willing to help out in any area she’s needed, and she’s been an incredible asset to the team over the years.

When it comes to our Project Managers, our clients are guaranteed to be satisfied. Their jobs are vast and diverse, but they’ve seen it all and can prepare for and tackle anything thrown their way without hesitation. The best part? The client doesn’t have to worry with any of it, and that’s a big factor in returning customers. As Brittany puts it, “when I do anything with project management, that takes a lot of stress off the client. They trust us to do the research and work for them.” And trust us they can.