In our last blog, we went over one of the main components that make our team “tick”, the Project Managers. They oversee every aspect of a project after it has been turned from a lead into a sale, and usually, one of the first steps they take once a project is approved is tasking a designer with creating a proof. The designer is in charge of creating the first visual representation of a client’s vision to bring imagination to reality, working with the client directly to understand their wants and needs, and creating the final design that will ultimately represent what it is the client needs to convey.


The design team at AIS has the important job of effectively executing the vision for their needs, and it’s their job to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the client is 100% satisfied with the outcome. In fact, nothing hits production until we have the client’s full approval. Design here at AIS  isn’t just limited to just sign design, however. They can create logos, start a brand from scratch, and must manage any existing brands precisely. They can create a full interior or exterior design, provide DCDs or construction drawings, and must provide all technical design for the purpose of permitting and engineering.


Our lead Graphic Designer, Tina, works hard to be able to meet our client’s image needs and vision. “My role is as much about understanding the concepts, missions, and targeted audience of clients as it is about design,” she says. “This is how I can help to contribute to the relationships we have with our clients and help to find image solutions for their businesses.” Tina has been a great asset since her arrival to the team 1 ½ years ago, having provided designs and managed the brands of companies such as Wright Patt Credit Union, Hot Head Burritos, and Rapid Fired Pizza. She makes it her goal for every client she’s working with to experience the same level of ease, no matter how big or small the project may be.


When it comes to turning our client’s vision into a reality, our design team has the solution to make it happen. Whether it’s a logo, interior or exterior design, or brand management, our design team will give the attention to detail needed to ensure the success and growth our client expects for their business.