Happy Friday readers! In the last four parts of the Team AIS Series we have discussed the core components of our sign making process. The Sales Consultants are the ones who act as a liaison with the client. The Project Managers are the glue that keep the pieces in place. The Designer drafts the first visualization of the sign or the blueprints for interior design. Then, the Production team manufactures the signs with exceptional quality and efficiency while the Install team places the sign in it’s final place.


Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for. Here to lead the pack at AIS are our Officers COO/General Manager Rocky Cinnamon and CEO Greg Abbott!


First up, Rocky Cinnamon is a guy who wears many hats here at AIS. Regardless if it’s sign production, finances, or holding staff meetings, he always ensures that the job always gets done right. He has worked here for a combined total of 6 years and knows the ins and outs of our entire signage and image processes. Rocky adheres to the principles of building relationships with clients as well, by serving and supporting our team members to oversee that the products are crafted and delivered the best way we can.


Finally, the backbone of the entire company, CEO Greg Abbott. Greg is a 3rd generation sign owner and has been working alongside his father and grandfather since he can remember. With his lifetime worth of experience in the industry and art expertise, he’s developed a deep passion for finding creative solutions to people’s signage and image needs. People like Greg are few and far between in the sign industry.


There aren’t many companies as unique as AIS. The craftsmanship in all departments and dedication to building relationships with clients is what makes this company shine amongst competitors in the sign industry. So that concludes our Team AIS Series. It’s been a pleasure writing them and I hope you gained a lot of insight into our signage and image process here at AIS. Thank you, and have a wonderful weekend!