The team here at Abbott Image Solutions works much like a watch. You have the battery, the gears, the rotor, the hands, and multiple inter-working parts to conveniently give you the time of day at a quick glance of the wrist. All of these are held in place by the case, and without this case the watch as a whole would undoubtedly fail to work. With the convenience of not having to dig for your cellular device or locate a clock, this timeless, (no pun intended,) method has continued to be immensely popular for telling time. The AIS team is no different. We have a dedicated staff performing many roles, and working hand in hand everyday. Held together by a passion for creativity, we have a drive to find a solution for a company’s every image need, and to fully take on every project from beginning to end in order to make our clients lives easier.

We are excited to bring you our new “Team AIS” blog series- five blogs that will highlight the duties and personal attention that our clients experience when interacting with each moving part of the watch. Up first are the lead generators, the insiders, the battery: the Sales Consultants.

When beginning a partnership with AIS, our personal Sales Consultants will be the first point of contact for the client. They begin by setting up meetings, surveying the establishment, and assessing every aspect of the client’s company to fully understand their image needs and determine their long term goals. As our veteran Sales Consultant Deon Fender says, “My role serves our clients by listening and understanding to what the client’s indicate they need, and helping to provide the end product or service that will fulfill that need.” Think of Deon as a client’s personal tour guide when it comes to branding a company. He knows what the client wants to see, knows the details behind it all, and understands that the client wants it to be as convenient as possible. He knows exactly which direction to take a project so that it may best serve our client. 

Deon takes great pride and pleasure in his job here at AIS, knowing he has made a difference in not only our employees’ lives and the lives of their families, but also in the lives of our clients. Our ultimate goal is to alleviate the stress that branding and signage can cause clients, and Deon’s upbeat attitude and dedication helps embody that to a tee.

Our CEO, founder, and superhuman creative head, Greg Abbott, also works as a Sales Consultant to ensure our clients’ needs are always being met. As a third-generation sign maker with a refined artistic ability, he is able to quickly assess clients needs and develop the most quality, yet cost efficient, method for tackling any imaging project. His abilities can’t be understated, and you’ll read more about them in upcoming blogs.

Thanks for reading about our awesome Sales Consultants this week! As we dig deeper into the process here at AIS, we will uncover exactly how every part of the “watch” works together to make an otherwise complex process an enjoyable and relaxing experience for our clients.